zottlerThe Zottler character symbolizes the season of Winter.

The Zottler is known for having a terrifying mask. With the exception of the Tuxer, he sports the largest head dress of all Mullers. It consits of a ‘Larve’ (mask) and a hat adorned with peacock feathers. These peacock feathers are attached to the left side of the hat, at a right angle to the mask. This form of mask is known as a ‘Schrägputz’. So called glass beards are arranged in a half circle on the front of the hat. The beards are further decorated with multi-colored silk flowers and small, colored beads. A fox fur is attached to the top of the hat, which covers the entire hat.

The suit of the Zottler consists of red, green, yellow, and blue threads that have been pulled from a Rupfensack (burlap sack). Around the waist, the Zottler wears a Gurt – a belt embroidered with quills.

The Zottler is especially known for performing the ‘Frosch’ move, which is explained on the Muller Tradition page.

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