melcherThe Melcher symbolizes the season of Summer.

The Melcher is known for his beautiful, youthful face with mustache. He is dressed very light, as it is proper for summer. The costume consists of a white tracht shirt with rolled up sleeves, short ‘lederhosen’, embroidered suspenders and a matching scarf, knit calf supports, coarse, low cut shoes and a embroidered satchel.

The head dress of the Melcher is small. It consists of a black hat to which the mask is attached. A piece of golden string is placed around the hat and protrudes slightly over the rim. The front of the hate is decorated with colorful silk flowers and beads.

The Melcher and his modified version the Spiegeltuxer are the only characters allowed to ‘Schuhplattler’ during the Muller performance. Following the entrance of all Muller characters the Melchers form a circle and perform their ‘Schuhplattler’.

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